Thursday, May 5, 2011

capture your 365 blog hop

I’ve been taking pictures since getting my first camera for Christmas when I was seven. This was in 1983, so it was 110 film (I think, I know it wasn’t 35mm), and I had actual flash bulbs that I had to put on the camera. Times have changed! I wish I had a picture of that camera (well, I wish I actually had it).

Since then, my photography skills have improved quite a bit (though they could definitely improve more still). However, the change I’ve noticed the most since beginning Project Life (365) is WHAT I photograph. I actually seek out the crap of everyday life (like the toys in my car for work).

PL 11 16

HOW I try to change perspective in the photo by getting down on the floor more. (And yes, I know his face is cut off…this is one of my clients at work so #1 can’t show his face, & #2 that isn’t the point of the photo.)

PL 02 18

And WHY I think something is important enough to take a picture in the first place. This last one has taught me to not always care if the photo is “perfect” as long as it conveys what I want, like Abbie holding her baby.

 01 13 11_0009

So without further ado, here are some favorites from April:

A trend
PL 04 13

a moment with her grandmother & great grandmother

PL 04 16

a five year old, looking at the camera instead of gazing sideways in her “I’m posing” look…and oh, how I’m thankful for the beautiful garden in my neighbor’s front yard, complete with rocks to sit on!
PL 04 21

a playful moment with friends (and since it was night I could barely see thru the viewfinder…glad I took the picture anyways!)

PL 04 22

the number six (thank you for the prompt! Can’t say I’d have taken a picture of our house number otherwise)

PL 04 26

And since this is a blog hop, I hope you checked out the other blogs too! I’m last on the “official” list, but maybe you happened upon me first. Either way, check out what these other ladies did this month:

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  1. What a wonderful month! I think we're all learning more and more - thanks for the lessons in this post :) Happy May!

  2. What a great post! I read your 'what, how and why' section with interest, nodding my head all the way through! I also find myself photographing all the daily stuff that having a young family generates. I love your photo of your house number with the 6 highlighted, fabulous work!!

  3. Awesome photos! Enjoyed learning your reasons!

  4. I love the house numbers. You will love having it in the future.

  5. I like how you frame your photos. :)

  6. Love your thought on what, how and why. When we put a little more thought behind our photos the becomes so much more meaningful.

    And I too had one of those cameras with a bulb flash to put on the top. Loved that camera!

  7. Fabulous photos and your stories behind each photo is wonderful!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. Peeking into your life reminded me of mine ... the silly bands .. the American girl doll ... taking pictures forever. Appreciate the smile you brought to me.

  9. I love your selection of photos and enjoyed the glimpse of your daily life.

  10. I love the overlays and the photo with grandma/great-grandma!