Tuesday, May 3, 2011

project life 4/24 – 4/30



A few weeks ago, my friend Debbie told me to check out the Capture Your 365 blog of her friend Katrina Kennedy. So I did. Wow! Very inspiring, and she gives daily email prompts to help you photograph something new or out of the ordinary, but part of your 365 nonetheless. This is the first week I used her prompts.


Sunday 4/24: tradition

PL 04 24

our annual Sunday afternoon Easter egg hunt at my parents’ house


Monday 4/25: chocolate

PL 04 25

Easter candy, waiting to be eaten


Tuesday 4/26: the number 6

PL 04 26

our house number


Wednesday 4/27: thoughtful

PL 04 27

Well, I don’t know how “thoughtful” this one is, but it’s what I see every week when I drive out to a client’s house in (very) West Roseville. This week there were a ton of little calves out there relaxing so like a total dork I pulled over, got out, & took a picture. Unfortunately the calves won’t so sure of this crazy lady, so they got up & started to walk away. These two at least stared at me long enough to get a few snaps in.


Thursday 4/28: polka dots

PL 04 28

So how perfect is it that the dancewear shop at Olivia’s dance class is called Polka Dots? I never would’ve thought of taking a picture here, but we walk through this door once a week.


Friday 4/29: dream

PL 04 29

Who doesn’t dream of marrying a prince at some point? Obviously I didn’t take this picture, but I am going to print & use it. Today was the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton, and although I didn’t stay up to watch it, I got to watch it with my girls the next evening. And I did stay up to watch his mother's funeral almost 14 years ago.


Saturday 4/30: something at eye level

PL 04 30

the rotation schedule for three innings of our T-ball game


  1. Oh my gosh, great pictures! I am totally checking out that blog. These are great perspectives. Nice job.

  2. fantastic photo's of this past week.. love the photo of William and Kate.. I am doing the same thing.

  3. Can't wait to check out the blog, thanks for sharing, you got some great pics!


  4. Great pics - can't wait to go and check out the blog! :)

  5. Great photos Christine!! I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding, it was a great time for us here in South Africa, so I got to watch it live!

  6. "awesome pictures" is right!! My fav: the rotation ... how COOL!