Thursday, November 18, 2010

december daily

As if I didn’t have too much to do already, I decided that I’m going to make a December Daily album this year with Ali Edwards. She inspired me to document our week in the life this last April (which reminds me, I need to finish & photograph that album already!), and she’s inspired me again. Yeah, maybe I bit off more than I could chew, but…I know that I will be wanting to do it when I read her blog posts every day, so I might as well join in.

I started off by picking up a few bits & pieces to do an album similar to hers. Then she released a digital version…hello! Perfect! I can totally take the photos everyday, and I’m at the computer every evening editing them, so plunking them into templates made sense for me.

I’m getting started now by getting each page set up: papers added, date added, etc. Simple things. I decided to preselect my template for each day randomly; I work better knowing I need x-number of photos per day. I’m going to add in all the embellishments afterwards. I could totally do it ahead of time, but I’d rather pick the extras AFTER I know what the photos are.

So, no picture today. But head over to her blog & check it out. Be inspired.

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