Friday, November 26, 2010

flashback friday…always and forever

First, let me apologize for the horrid scan! I just have no desire to pull the page out & photograph it right now :)

21. Always & Forever

This layout is from my Alpha Phi “re-do” album. My big sis made me an album when I pledged, and my lil sis made me another when I went alum. And then I got into scrapbooking so I re-did it all in 2002-ish.

These pictures were taken the night of my candle passing, the Monday after Thanksgiving thirteen years ago (wow!).

For you non-Greek readers, sororities have a candle passing for girls who’ve been engaged, pinned, or given a promise ring. At least that’s how it was done at SJSU in the mid 90’s. I was given my boyfriend’s pin. He was a Kappa Sigma & it was a BIG deal (at the time). Alex & I dated for two years. I was immature, called it off, gave him his pin back (damn! silly girl!), and then met my now-husband.

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  1. Cute. Don't regret giving back the pin too much. Dave was a Kappa Sig too...I was pinned too...and his pin is sitting at the bottom of a jewelry box somewhere. LOL. Your treasures are those three sweeties at the top of the blog. Much better than a silly fraternity pin. ;)