Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Project LIFE, 10/31–11/6

PL 10 31

Happy Halloween! The kids went trick-or-treating with our neighbors this year. It was our first Halloween that we trick-or-treated in our neighborhood & didn’t go to Trunk or Treat at church.

* For this photo, I used PW Vintage Action for PSE. I wanted something “spooky” for our Halloween photo. You can download a full set of actions FREE here.

PL 11 01

Today we packed our Operation Christmas Child boxes at MOPS. We’ve done this for four years now, and I can’t imagine not doing it. If you’re interested in checking it, click here.

PL 11 02

I swear it’s not my opinion of the candidates! The poll workers gave my kids a ton of the “I voted” stickers which they decorated me with while I was voting (to the amusement of the workers!). And when I was done they put the rest on themselves.

PL 11 03

Picnic lunch (of McDonalds!) in Mama & Papa’s backyard.

PL 11 04

Shopping at Costco, with all three kids. Yes, I’m a little bit crazy!

PL 11 05

We let the girls sleep together in Abbie’s crib tonight. It lasted about a half hour before Olivia decided that she really wanted to go to sleep even though Abbie still wanted to play.

PL 11 06

The Crocodiles’ first win! And Brandon almost score two goals! It was so great to see him out there actually trying today.

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