Tuesday, November 16, 2010

project LIFE 11/7–11/13

PL 11 07

It was raining, so all three kids wanted to go jump on the trampoline. Okay. Then they found the bucket, still full of water from Halloween (bobbing for apples). And of course they had to get in…a week later & I think their rainboots are still wet inside!

PL 11 08

Sick day. Both Brandon & Olivia stayed home from school today. We snuggled on the couch & made some chicken soup for lunch.

(missing 11/9, I’ll probably take a picture of the toys in my car that I tote around for work)

PL 11 10

I caught Abbie “eating” breakfast on the floor this morning.

PL 11 11

Our new holiday tradition: going thru all the toy ads & cutting out pictures of toys to make a wish-book. Fun afternoon activity! And this year Brandon & Olivia could cut the pictures out all by themselves :)

PL 11 12

Abbie has now decided that she wants to wear two pigtails (with hairbows) everyday. Cute, but I think the bows are bigger than the piggies!

PL 11 13

We had Brandon’s soccer team party today. He was so excited to get his team trophy!

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