Monday, November 2, 2009

An "almost" day...

We had a great day. Today we filled up our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child at MOPS. Came home, had a good lunch. Then I took Brandon to speech. He did great.

After speech he convinced me to take him to the park that's right there. I had to go to the grocery store, but it could wait. He played on the playground, testing what his magnetic Bakugan would stick to. Then he headed for the monkey bars. Cool, I was thinking, he can do this. Almost.

He got about three bars out & still had his feet firmly planted on the steps. Then he kicked out & was swinging. To the next bar. And then he wasn't. I saw him fall, land on his arm & scream! Fortunately he hurt his bottom and his ego. Thought we had our first broken arm. Almost...

Off to the grocery store & then home. Abbie & Olivia wanted me so I sat with them while David unloaded the groceries. Olivia decided to go play with her beads (she got a bag of beads to string instead of candy from someone--thank you!). And then I heard those most dreaded words: Mommy, I have a bead stuck in my nose.

Seriously? At least it was only 4:40. Usually things like this happen after 5, you know? I said to David, where's the phone to call the doctor as I walked to Olivia. I was hoping she could "snort" it out, even though she was currently digging for/pushing it further in. And she got it out. Phew.


So I leave you with this awesome desktop layout. I discovered Shabby Princess a couple of years ago from someone else's blog. She posts a monthly themed desktop for you to download...for free! Yippee! I love that the left side is very open for all those desktop icons. And it keeps my desktop fresh, & full of pictures. I can change them monthly.

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