Thursday, November 5, 2009

custom butt paste

He he!

Abbie is the princess of diaper rash. Poor thing has had a pink tush since the day she was born. We've tried almost everything. Butt paste, desitin, aquaphor, corn starch. She does not like "real" baby powder with talc (neither do I, because of the talc, but was in a pinch one day).

Lately it's been really bad, like to where you have to remind yourself that it's better to get a clean diaper on her than to sit in the funk even though you know it's torture to change her.

So this afternoon we were at Toys R Us, trying to get ideas for Christmas, when I realized I had to change her. On a changing table at TRU. Great. She wiggles & levitates, and I could see her falling right off the table in the bathroom (she didn't). But she did make that poor old lady in there check out what I was doing as she walked out!

Anyhow...her skin is so delicate that it's broken down & bloody. I called the doctor & was able to get right in. Fortunately, it's not infected, but he prescribed a custom, compounded diaper cream for her. Fortunately I was able to get it at Raleys, after being sent there from Target since they didn't have the supplies to make it. It only took two hours...I just hope it works!

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