Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Jingle Bell Dress

Many years ago my mom made my sister & I reindeer jumpsuits. They were navy blue quilted pindot with cute a cute little reindeer face on the front. Unfortunately, my mom loaned them out to a friend & never got them back.

Fortunately, she still had the pattern, which she wisely bought in multiple sizes.

Two years ago she made Olivia her own reindeer jumper. Olivia dubbed it the Jingle Bell dress & wore it every chance she got! She would cry if it wasn't in her closet. I think she wore it all the way until February when I packed it away because I was sick of it (and wanted it to be wearable the next year).

Last year Olivia was a little bit bigger, but the dress still fit, as a tunic top (which is what I was hoping for). One of my favorite outfits on her, and again she wore that dress until I put it away. Because I wanted it for Abbie, I probably put it away sooner than I could have; when she saw it in Abbie's bin of clothes in July she wanted to wear it!

Now, it's Abbie's turn. She seems equally smitten by the Jingle Bells. She saw it in her closet today & practically leapt out of my arms trying to get it.

(Yes, Olivia is pushing Abbie in a doll stroller. I have pictures of her & Brandon doing the same thing two years ago, up & down our hallways. Fun times.)

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