Friday, November 6, 2009


And why Abbie keeps outgrowing them...

Her first pair of shoes was an adorable pair of Robeez I got last fall to keep her feet warm. She was 3 months old & fit nicely into a 0-6 month size. She outgrew them 3 months later & went into a 6-12 month size.

Then spring came along & I got her some cute white sandal style Robeez. Still a 6-12 month size, and she was 9 months old. Everything was fine & dandy until she started walking.

We noticed that her toes were squished up against the top of her shoes on her birthday, so I put Olivia's old Stride Rites on her. They were a size 3 1/2. That was JULY 14. They left marks on her feet.

So we brought her to Nordstroms during their anniversary sale to be sized. She measured 4 1/2. Fives fit great so we bought her 5 1/2 so they'd fit thru fall.


Did I mention that this was in JULY. Of 2009. Just over three months ago.

Mid September, about two months after we bought her shoes, we noticed Abbie no longer wanted to wear them. At this point it's important to note that Abbie is obsessed with shoes. She wants to wear them all the time & insists that everyone else does too. If you're barefoot, she'll go find shoes, any shoes, & try to put them on you. So it was odd that she didn't want to wear them. We pushed on her toes & realized that we were actually pushing on her toes.

Back to Nordstroms we went, and lo & behold, in TWO months time, Abbie was now measuring a full 6. Up a size & a half in 8 weeks. Of course we then bought 6 1/2 so they'd fit thru the rest of the fall.

That was six weeks ago.

For the past few days Abbie hasn't wanted to wear her cute pink Stride Rites. Hmmm....I also noticed that her size 6 hand-m-downs from Olivia were snug on her bare feet. Hmmmm...

This morning I pulled out the insole from the Stride Rites. They're meant to be used to check shoe sizing. Sure enough, her toes go past the end.

Holy Cow Abbie!

Her feet have grown at least 2 1/2 sizes in three months! Fortunately her black Mary Janes we got for Halloween are a size 7. I was hoping to get her feet sized & possibly return them for a 7 1/2 (at least!), but they have a scuff on the toe.

Did I mention she's not even 16 months old yet?

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