Sunday, November 8, 2009

Then & Now

I got my first camera for Christmas in 2nd grade. I was 7 1/2. We got the pictures back & I put them in my first photo album. Sadly, I no longer have any of those prints. (Note to self: don't give the kids old stuff to go thru in their 20s, they won't value it then & just toss it.)

By middle school I had started grouping pictures together, cutting them down a bit, and writing notes on the margins of my magnetic photo albums. I kept this up thru high school & early college.

Once in college, I joined Alpha Phi & was initiated to the practice of making covered photo albums for your Lil Sis. Then you could decorate the pages with stickers & write with paint pens on the magnetic pages! And cut the photos so they were cute! I thought I'd found my calling!

I kept that up all thru college, even making my college boyfriend an album. I loved it! Just after I graduated I found out you could also buy cute stationary at Michaels or Beverlys & add that to your photo album.

And then I discovered "scrapbooking"!

That was sometime in 1999. Wow, just typing that & realizing that was ten years ago is crazy! I don't have any of those original layouts scanned into my computer (darn!). But I've got the last few years. I thought I'd share my Apple Hill layouts from the last few years.

2002 (Can you tell we didn't have any kids yet?)





The background is all the same color; I always have the worst time with my scanner & I'm not sure why it makes the colors all wonky. And I have no idea how to fix it (nor do I feel like taking the time right now!). I'm very happy with how it came out! I used a bunch of fun stuff from Green Tangerine's September Kit.

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