Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas stuff already?

Um, yeah. It's in 37 days if my math is correct. Wait. It's in 52 days? Oh whatever. It's coming sooner than later! My husband must think I'm a goof for stressing about it being in 37 days!

So have you started on your holiday projects? Last year I got this cool advent calendar kit from Green Tangerines, designed by my friend Brenda. I wasn't able to get it done in time for last year so I need to hustle & get it done for this year. I finally got my spray paint for the background tin, so I just need to get that done & then I can finish. I'm not sure what pictures I'll put on it this year, so that might be blank for the time being. And I think I might keep the backs of each blank. I love how Brenda put cool things on the backs of each, but with school & everything else going on, I don't want to commit to something we can't necessarily do.

And I keep trying to think of other fun things to include around the house. I wish I could list them all right now, but I really ought to be doing some other things right now! So I'm getting distracted!

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