Friday, November 27, 2009

the process, part 2

A little while back, I posted about my scrapbooking workflow. One month later, it's finally done!

I'm quite pleased with it, if i do say so myself! Everything except the background paper is from the Green Tangerine's September kit. I had a hard time coming up with colors to use, since the girls are in black. I didn't want a black layout for fall, and brown just didn't match. Next year, I'll know better when I dress them for the pumpkin patch :)

I also want to add something to my basic workflow: I do it in batches. I'll spend two to three weeks going thru photos & deciding on layouts, creating them in photoshop & getting the "bones" done. I'll get the photos printed all at once. Then I'll spend a week or two putting page kits together, figuring out what paper & embellishments I think I want to use. Lastly, I get together once a month to scrap with my girlfriends. This is when I put everything together.

Now, that's not to say I only scrap once a month; what I don't finish at scrappy hour comes home & I work on it from time to time. But I've found, FOR ME, that I work best with a deadline. And that deadline is scrappy hour. I also know that I hate dealing with parking at Costco, so I go as seldom as I can get away with. And by printing everything at once, I can get away with a once a month trip to Costco. And most importantly, I know that the more often I go to a scrapbook store, the more often I'll spend money there!

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